Well its a Billingham bag, and in it are all my goodies I use on every shoot. A Minolta autometer 3 incident light meter with a mini-receptor plugin and a vintage Minolta F Spot meter. Two Canon 5D bodies, two Canon L series lenses (100-400mm & 28-70mm) three speedlites, plus loads of batteries and bits and bobs collected over the years. Along with the above a Fuji pan glass, to look for breaks in the clouds, a mirror and some make-up, Rosco filters, gaffer tape, a compass, a grey scale, Macbeth, a Mini-Mag lite, blu-tac and bits of card to barn-door the speedlites, an iMac and a white Elinchrom shoot through umbrella.

Matthew Davison shooting commercial with the Arri AlexaArri Alexa