The joy of lighting


I had the great pleasure of working on Hiba Al Kawas’s opera ‘Lights of Andalusia’ with a brilliant multi-national crew in the Royal Opera House in Muscat, a creative team that was fun and in two weeks produced a great piece of work.

Hiba Al Kawas’ stunning production of ‘Lights of Andalusia’ received it’s world premiere at the Royal Opera House Muscat.

Directed by Andreas Morell

Produced by  Rima Karimeh

Writer  Nada el Hage

Conducted by John Axelrod

Scenography by Adán Hernández 

Artistic director dance Ricardo Lopez    

Lighting design by Matthew Davison

Sound design  Igor Fiorini   

Video artist Stefi Böse

Stage management  Gerald Stollwitzer

The Royal Opera House Muscat hosted the world premiere of The Lights of Andalusia, a music and dance extravaganza that fused Arab and flamenco traditions, created by Lebanese composer Hiba Al Kawas.

The show combines artists from Spain with those from the Middle East. The flamenco side represented by guitarist José Maria Gallardo del Rey, dancer José Maldonado, the Ballet Carment Cantero & Ricardo Lopez dance company. Hiba Al Kawas joined by Saudi singer Abdul Rahman Mohammad, and the Arab Andalusian Ensemble and vocalists. The Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, conducted by John Axelrod.

I had some specials made up by 180 rental for the light drops, 39 of them coming down from the fly tower they looked spectacular. 180 also shipped all the fog and hazer fluids to Oman.

Photos by  Matthew Davison & Khalid AlBusaidi © ROHM 2014