A day in Pangaea’s studio with LittlePod shooting their wonderful products!

This is what LittlePod said about the day…

“We understand how important images are, especially for first impressions. They can say so much, they can grab people’s attention. An enticing photo can make all the difference in an ad campaign, on your website. People rarely have the time to thoroughly read the text – they get all they need to know from a photograph then read on if they are interested. Likewise, a naff photo can reflect badly on your company. We had met Matthew a few times, had admired his portfolio of work and liked the fact that he could identify with LittlePod.”

What was the day like?

“We had never been involved in a product photoshoot before. We were excited and got fully involved beforehand hunting for props and organising the layout of the day. Matthew was keen for us to get as much as possible from the day and structuring the images and preparing the props was crucial. Despite the organisation, this did not detract from the creativity on the day. Matthew remained professional, yet keen to involve everyone in the process, which made the experience all the more enjoyable.”

What are your expectations from the images?

“We had so many ideas, so we knew that we would not be able to get through them all, but we did come away from the day with a great variety (group product shots, food shots and a little experimenting with textures and words). This was more than we expected to squeeze into the day and we were thrilled with the images. We hope to work with Matthew again in the near future.”

A great recipe using their vanilla paste is linked here