The Cemetery of the Illegals

‘The Cemetery of the Illegals’ a documentary shot for WDR directed by Andreas Morel.

They come from Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana, from Central Asia and North Africa. They look for a new and better life in Europe. Now they lie buried on a hill near the Greek-Turkish border, after drowning in the border river Evros. A small Muslim community in Greece takes care of the burial of the dead, there are currently around 400 – no longer just Muslims. Well over 100,000 people each year make their way to Europe via Istanbul – how many of them lose their lives, there are no statistics. The “Cemetery of the illegals” is a film about people who want to exchange their old lives to a better – even if it may cost them their lives.

Imam Abdurrahim in the cemetery where 400 refugees are buried
the subtitled version is here

The documentary won the 2013 European CIVIS Television Prize