‘The Cemetery of the Illegals’ a documentary shot for WDR directed by Andreas Morel.

They come from Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana, from Central Asia and North Africa. They look for a new and better life in Europe. Now they lie buried on a hill near the Greek-Turkish border, after drowning in the border river Evros. A small Muslim community in Greece takes care of the burial of the dead, there are currently around 400 – no longer just Muslims. Well over 100,000 people each year make their way to Europe via Istanbul – how many of them lose their lives, there are no statistics. The “Cemetery of the illegals” is a film about people who want to exchange their old lives to a better – even if it may cost them their lives.

Imam Abdurrahim in the cemetery where 400 refugees are buried

the subtitled version is here http://vimeo.com/55880741

The documentary won the 2013 European CIVIS Television Prize