Sally Grigg of Burrow Farm needed pack shots of her new range of Ruby Red burgers for a regional food magazine and own marketing. She was not too sure about what she wanted so Matthew suggested she create a mood board, a scrap book of pictures and colours she liked and aspired to for her products. Sally’s ideas were clear and from it Matthew was able to create an idea of what she needed, a food stylist to create a shopping list of props and serving ideas to help Sally envisage the images she wanted.

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the day but it was well organised, informal and good fun! It was helpful to meet up with Matthew beforehand to discuss how we wanted to present our burgers.

The mood board of images from magazines really helped me to focus on how I wanted the photographs to look.”

“We were absolutely delighted with the results of the photo shoot. Matthew captured exactly how we wanted to present our products. As a result of Matthew’s help and guidance we have a selection of excellent photographs that we are proud to feature in our advertising and promotional releases.”

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